Funny quotes from the hangover

Well it would be wrong of me to set up a Mecca for the enjoyment of drinking without including some funny quotes from the hangover for your reminiscing pleasure.  Here are a few… Add you favourites as well:

  • What a reTARD!!!!! 😉
  • I was one man walf pack, until I met Doug and my wolf pack grew by one. So then there were two of us in the wolf pack. At first I was alone, then Doug joined later. And then I met you guys…
  • His name’s CARLOS!
  • I found a baby once. You found a baby? Where? In Coffee Bean.
  • We can’t park here! I’m not allowed within 200 yards of a school!!! Or a Chuckie Cheese!
  • Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, except 4 herpes, that sh*t’ll come back with u
  • I always wondered why they were called roofies, ’cause you’re more likely to end up on the floor than the roof. They should call ’em floories
  • Yeah, its on the corner of get a map and f**k off!
  • Tigers love pepper… They hate cinnamon!

Which are your favs?

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Low calorie alcoholic mixed drink recipe

As alcohol is my only vice, and in all other respects I have an extremely healthy lifestyle, I like to be clued up on drinks that wont overdose me on sugar (as I said – one vice is enough).

So my favourite mixed drink recipe, which hardly contains any colories and is great on a summers day is:

  • Lemon vodka (like Absolut citron)
  • Soda water
  • A squeeze of fresh lime juice, and a large slice of fresh lime to garnish

That’s about 50 calories. Not bad hey! Really refreshing too. If you stick with single vodkas in fairly tall glasses (i.e. lots of soda water to keep you hydrated) it’s a really good one for minimizing any potential hangover.

If that’s a litte too healthy for you and you want to ease yourself in a little more gently, add in a shot of malibu which gives it a tropical flavour. This adds about another 50 calories so it becomes around 100 calories. Still not bad though. Compare it to a large glass of wine which is about 160, or a pint of beer which can be around 200 (exact calories vary by brand). So compare 3 drinks of

  • the vodka, malibu mix ~ 300 calories
  • large wine ~ 480
  • pints of beer ~ 600
  • pints of cider ~ 690 (again, exact calories vary by brand)
  • vodka, soda, fresh lime mix ~ 150 calories. Brilliant 🙂

Try it, let me know what you think 😮

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Hello world!

Oooh how exciting, my first blog 🙂 Ever!

So as my name suggests, I’m someone who enjoys alchol. I’m here to share my experiences and spread the joy of drinking (in a socially responsible way of course).

My first topics will probably be… how to minimise a hang over (all comments welcome if you have your own tips and magical advise) and which wines to go with which foods… again any tips welcome.

Right… I’m off now to collect my thoughts and put something together that you’ll hopefully find useful and, if not, at least entertaining ;o) to read.

Ciao my fellow winos 🙂 Mwah x

p.s. if anyone has any requests of what an alchofrolic such as myself should write about… do let me know.

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